The problem with other people’s mistakes

I woke up with hurt pulsing through my brain Hurt from what? It’s hard to say I’m angry at my reactions so I’m angry with you too How could I be so stupid and give so much power to you? Wondering… What if I don’t mean anything to you at all? What if who you are, is not who are you atContinue reading “The problem with other people’s mistakes”

Kink – Adult

This is one of the longest poem I’ve written and I must say… I enjoyed the whole process 😉 There are two extra stanzas at the bottom as a ‘Call and response’. Have a think about your own sexual kinks and see what you come up with. No need to tell me (go tell yourContinue reading “Kink – Adult”

Impossible – Adult

It’s impossible not to want you When you look at me like that, Your smile pins me to the bed Makes me want to rip off my clothes. Ideas flood my mind Settling themselves into my body, Riding along my veins And into the vibrating muscles between my legs. I can’t help but open myself up to you Begging you to slide inside, EagerContinue reading “Impossible – Adult”

The Exchange – Adult

Let my fingers slip into your world And around your cock I’ll softly stroke your bulging balls Lick up and down that swelling shaft Place my lips on your tip Suck you to bliss as my hand rubs up and down your length Close your eyes Enjoy my love I’m here to give you anContinue reading “The Exchange – Adult”

Bubbles and wine – Adult

Glass in hand at 2pm Filling the bath Bubbles, candle, poetry Snatch this solitude while I can I sink down into the warmth Leave the past few days behind Bubbles tickling my nipples Aware of my body Wine dancing in my mouth Read some poetic wordsMy brain slows and body unwinds Dip a wrist underContinue reading “Bubbles and wine – Adult”

Thinking about sex – Adult

Thinking about sex With you And now I’m wet So wet But you aren’t here I’m wondering what to do… I run a hand over my skirt Press harder and harder  As my breath starts getting sharper And my body starts to pulse It’s not enough… Why aren’t you here? I need more I run fingertips under the edge of my clothes Pushing deeper and deeper Brushing inContinue reading “Thinking about sex – Adult”

Inappropriate – Adult

If I sent you a photo of me touching myself would it be inappropriate? Would you angle your phone away so no one else saw? This kind of foreplay will have us hot and ready for when we both get home. A video this time… turn up the sound put in your earphones enjoy my euphoric moans Me and my inappropriate thoughts thinkingContinue reading “Inappropriate – Adult”

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