The Dark-side of Fandom

I dressed up all my closet kept skeletons But it was never enough, You always wanted more of me More than I was willing to give. People only want the forbidden, The undiscovered, A grand reveal… Who even cares what it’s about. Like sharks to blood they join in a frenzy Without knowing what isContinue reading “The Dark-side of Fandom”

Like you

He writes like youand it fills me with joy to be reading such beautiful words again;I really missed reading you. I hold my breath every time I cast my eyes over his phrases.I am filled with emotions knowing he creates from a deep place. He writes like you and I am completely captivated by everythingContinue reading “Like you”

Loving an online Poet

I once fell in love with an online poet Yes, I will admit it now.  His words called to me wrapping themselves around my heart. Phrases filling up my nights with wonder and igniting my days with joy.He said all the words I ached to hear and more. Confusion set in. I bruised my own heart in its infidelity. A rebellionContinue reading “Loving an online Poet”

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