The problem with other people’s mistakes

I woke up with hurt pulsing through my brain Hurt from what? It’s hard to say I’m angry at my reactions so I’m angry with you too How could I be so stupid and give so much power to you? Wondering… What if I don’t mean anything to you at all? What if who you are, is not who are you atContinue reading “The problem with other people’s mistakes”

Kink – Adult

This is one of the longest poem I’ve written and I must say… I enjoyed the whole process 😉 There are two extra stanzas at the bottom as a ‘Call and response’. Have a think about your own sexual kinks and see what you come up with. No need to tell me (go tell yourContinue reading “Kink – Adult”

Hallmark Poet

You’re a hallmark card calling yourself a poet using phrases everyone says daily and adding your name as though it’s an original thought Yet thousands of people buy into it marvelling at your art because most of the time we’re in a rush and grab the first card we see… At least we have something to hand to peopleAt least we have something toContinue reading “Hallmark Poet”

Lovers Lullaby – Adult

Before I sing myself to sleepWon’t you draw near and kiss me deep?Before the dark takes me awayThere is some time for you to play. Trace your fingers over my skinMy reaction will make you grin.Stroke me hard with your manly thumbBuild that pressure and make me cum. Before the night sends me to bedOpenContinue reading “Lovers Lullaby – Adult”

Morning – Adult

My body woke up pulsingReady to be touchedAching to be fuckedBut life got in the way. There was no one in my bedNo one to kiss my lipsNot a hand to touch my hipsAnd help me explore the wild feeling. This desire keeps buildingI’m eager to embraceEnjoy your shape and tasteI’m wet just thinking aboutContinue reading “Morning – Adult”


It repeats Each dawn heralds another day Of emptying more of myself Until there is nothing left And I wonder who I am amongst this mess It repeats Hours full of frustration  And endless, endless requests No break No peace Snatched moments are filled with guilt It repeats The slow loss of identity A seemingly meaningless existence I wonder if my joy Is being leeched from my soulContinue reading “Repeat”

Impossible – Adult

It’s impossible not to want you When you look at me like that, Your smile pins me to the bed Makes me want to rip off my clothes. Ideas flood my mind Settling themselves into my body, Riding along my veins And into the vibrating muscles between my legs. I can’t help but open myself up to you Begging you to slide inside, EagerContinue reading “Impossible – Adult”

The Exchange – Adult

Let my fingers slip into your world And around your cock I’ll softly stroke your bulging balls Lick up and down that swelling shaft Place my lips on your tip Suck you to bliss as my hand rubs up and down your length Close your eyes Enjoy my love I’m here to give you anContinue reading “The Exchange – Adult”

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