Impossible – Adult

It’s impossible not to want you When you look at me like that, Your smile pins me to the bed Makes me want to rip off my clothes. Ideas flood my mind Settling themselves into my body, Riding along my veins And into the vibrating muscles between my legs. I can’t help but open myself up to you Begging you to slide inside, EagerContinue reading “Impossible – Adult”

Inappropriate – Adult

If I sent you a photo of me touching myself would it be inappropriate? Would you angle your phone away so no one else saw? This kind of foreplay will have us hot and ready for when we both get home. A video this time… turn up the sound put in your earphones enjoy my euphoric moans Me and my inappropriate thoughts thinkingContinue reading “Inappropriate – Adult”

Poetry Orgasm – Adult

Dear writers & poets… please keep writing 😉 Fuck! Oh my god! I want it daily Come here and place your Phrases on me Baby Yes! O, Yes! I’ll read them with my eyes But no matter how you write them I always feel them on my thighs Place them between my teeth And deep between my legs GiveContinue reading “Poetry Orgasm – Adult”

Digital Pleasures – Adult

I was taking dirty photos for you to tease and make you sweat But as I clicked and touched myself I started to get wet I decided to take a video of my finger slipping inside But I got a little distracted and took myself for a ride Be careful when you view your phone Continue reading “Digital Pleasures – Adult”

Bothering the School Mums

I wonder if the school mums love youas you flash your teasing smileand tell your jokes.Would you be the highlight of their morning and afternoon?I’m sure your welcome wordsand casual swearingwould allow them to relax around you. Or I wonder if you sit there silently broodingstaring at your phone…mystery personified.Would you be the leading maninContinue reading “Bothering the School Mums”

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