Morning – Adult

My body woke up pulsingReady to be touchedAching to be fuckedBut life got in the way. There was no one in my bedNo one to kiss my lipsNot a hand to touch my hipsAnd help me explore the wild feeling. This desire keeps buildingI’m eager to embraceEnjoy your shape and tasteI’m wet just thinking aboutContinue reading “Morning – Adult”

Impossible – Adult

It’s impossible not to want you When you look at me like that, Your smile pins me to the bed Makes me want to rip off my clothes. Ideas flood my mind Settling themselves into my body, Riding along my veins And into the vibrating muscles between my legs. I can’t help but open myself up to you Begging you to slide inside, EagerContinue reading “Impossible – Adult”

Messy Artistry

This is my messy art, my heart on a page displayed for strangers who don’t even know my name. I don’t know who I thought I’d be by now. Is this it? Am I it? My awakenings and discoveries both thrill and embarrass me.I’m not sure I’m allowed to be this person… Am I allowed to explore this untamed expression?  I’ll never beContinue reading “Messy Artistry”

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