I need it

I need your passionate loving right now, Remind me of why we’re together Whisper sweet and dirty words in my ear Tell me that you want me That I’m still beautiful and these years aren’t stealing my beauty from your eyes There are times when my heart aches from not knowing how you feel; I’m no mind reader, I can’t guessContinue reading “I need it”

Keeping My Distance

I’ve never been the jealous typeUntil the day I met youA possessive impulse took overAnd I’m not sure what to do The green snake bite on my heart Poisons my naive mind I think the most horrible thoughtsI can’t believe I’m so unkind So, I’ll keep you at a distanceAnd I’ll stay the hell awayI’veContinue reading “Keeping My Distance”

(A different) Heavy Load

This is a heavy load– IVF and two recent miscarriages The pain, a destroyer of so many marriages. Although you promised to be partners for life You hardly recognise the one you call wife. Her misplaced guilt and shame bleed as anger It’s almost like you live with a stranger– the strain is a heavy load. YouContinue reading “(A different) Heavy Load”

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