The problem with other people’s mistakes

I woke up with hurt pulsing through my brain Hurt from what? It’s hard to say I’m angry at my reactions so I’m angry with you too How could I be so stupid and give so much power to you? Wondering… What if I don’t mean anything to you at all? What if who you are, is not who are you atContinue reading “The problem with other people’s mistakes”

Hallmark Poet

You’re a hallmark card calling yourself a poet using phrases everyone says daily and adding your name as though it’s an original thought Yet thousands of people buy into it marvelling at your art because most of the time we’re in a rush and grab the first card we see… At least we have something to hand to peopleAt least we have something toContinue reading “Hallmark Poet”


It repeats Each dawn heralds another day Of emptying more of myself Until there is nothing left And I wonder who I am amongst this mess It repeats Hours full of frustration  And endless, endless requests No break No peace Snatched moments are filled with guilt It repeats The slow loss of identity A seemingly meaningless existence I wonder if my joy Is being leeched from my soulContinue reading “Repeat”

Messy Artistry

This is my messy art, my heart on a page displayed for strangers who don’t even know my name. I don’t know who I thought I’d be by now. Is this it? Am I it? My awakenings and discoveries both thrill and embarrass me.I’m not sure I’m allowed to be this person… Am I allowed to explore this untamed expression?  I’ll never beContinue reading “Messy Artistry”

Becoming less

I’m losing parts of myself againGiving up all of my joyAnd lightness for others I feel heaviness insteadDrainedPained StrainedI am disappearingBecoming less of ‘me’Unseen and unnoticed Is it possible to keep being myselfAfter giving everything away?Will I ever recaptureWho I used to be? I am losing my inner lightFading into the darknessAnd it scares meContinue reading “Becoming less”

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