Released Waves


When you wrap your hand around yourself and move it up and down enjoying that raw pleasure… do you think of me? Do you imagine I’m with you biting your ear? Because when I’m touching myself just right… I imagine you’re here. Baby come home… Lover, I’m waiting for you to return so we canContinue reading “Imagine”


There are times when my body pulses with need for you… for your fingers your tongue your determination Nothing else can satisfy the pulse I get… except feeling yours inside of me. Picture from Pexels

Fuss Over Me

Why don’t you make a fuss over me,celebrate me and the things I have done?I know you celebrate others,use all your encouraging words and shout-out-loud with pride. Why don’t you treasure me, love me tenderly and show me that you care? I know you used to, back when we were younger and you were elatedContinue reading “Fuss Over Me”

Poetic Wreckage

The way you view the world and the way you love in poetry is like a silent hurricane… it takes me by surprise overwhelms mepulls me apart For some reason it hurts my heart to see it even if it’s just ideas you have pieced together I want to be loved like that I wantContinue reading “Poetic Wreckage”

Little Teases

I get a certain kind of pleasure when I run my fingers down your sides and watch you flinch from the sensation. I love to discreetly rub your crotch and whisper something suggestive in your ear while we have a house full of guests for dinner. I get a kick out of sending you dirtyContinue reading “Little Teases”

Lonely Cigarettes

I wonder where his fingers run to since they left mine… Do they run towards creativityand masterful words capturing every emotionordo they run towards cigarettesand lonely hours spent awake with his dark thoughts? Picture from Pinterest

Don’t write for me

Please don’t write poetry for me My soft heart Just can’t take it I don’t want to fall in love with you There On that page But I know myself I would Your tender-hearted words Deserve to be read by someone Who can love you back Without breaking themselves into two So, please Don’t writeContinue reading “Don’t write for me”

Becoming less

I’m losing parts of myself againGiving up all of my joyAnd lightness for others I feel heaviness insteadDrainedPained StrainedI am disappearingBecoming less of ‘me’Unseen and unnoticed Is it possible to keep being myselfAfter giving everything away?Will I ever recaptureWho I used to be? I am losing my inner lightFading into the darknessAnd it scares meContinue reading “Becoming less”

Second To None

I was tired and wanted a hug but as you squeezed my arse and started to tease I wondered what other talents those hands  would be willing to perform and where they would be willing to go Perhaps I was tired, but your ability to awaken my desire is second to none.


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