Bubbles and wine – Adult

Glass in hand at 2pm Filling the bath Bubbles, candle, poetry Snatch this solitude while I can I sink down into the warmth Leave the past few days behind Bubbles tickling my nipples Aware of my body Wine dancing in my mouth Read some poetic wordsMy brain slows and body unwinds Dip a wrist underContinue reading “Bubbles and wine – Adult”

I need it

I need your passionate loving right now, Remind me of why we’re together Whisper sweet and dirty words in my ear Tell me that you want me That I’m still beautiful and these years aren’t stealing my beauty from your eyes There are times when my heart aches from not knowing how you feel; I’m no mind reader, I can’t guessContinue reading “I need it”

Thinking about sex – Adult

Thinking about sex With you And now I’m wet So wet But you aren’t here I’m wondering what to do… I run a hand over my skirt Press harder and harder  As my breath starts getting sharper And my body starts to pulse It’s not enough… Why aren’t you here? I need more I run fingertips under the edge of my clothes Pushing deeper and deeper Brushing inContinue reading “Thinking about sex – Adult”

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