Messy Artistry

This is my messy art, 
my heart on a page 
displayed for strangers 
who don’t even know my name.

I don’t know who I thought I’d be by now. 
Is this it? 
Am I it? 
My awakenings and discoveries 
both thrill and embarrass me.
I’m not sure I’m allowed to be this person… 
Am I allowed to explore this untamed expression? 

I’ll never be younger than I am right now 
and I want to embrace 
the little bit of youth left in me. 
I’ve never created with every colour before.

Every colour…

Dreaming of passionately kissing a friend 
Enjoying the gentle touch from my partner  
Reading a poem 
Songs on repeat 
Drinks in the city 
Dirty dancing in the hallway
Unable to sleep
Writing some words with my finger tips
This is my art

I don’t think I’m doing it right  
it’s not precise 
and it’s certainly not refined.
I don’t think others will appreciate what I’m doing.
Am I who I should be 
with my messy colours?

I must already be the women I should be
otherwise, I’d be someone else. 
I’m a messy artist 
and there’s nothing wrong with that, 
some people actually love art like this.

Picture from Pinterest

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