Inappropriate – Adult

If I sent you a photo of me touching myself would it be inappropriate? Would you angle your phone away so no one else saw? This kind of foreplay will have us hot and ready for when we both get home. A video this time… turn up the sound put in your earphones enjoy my euphoric moans Me and my inappropriate thoughts thinkingContinue reading “Inappropriate – Adult”

Messy Artistry

This is my messy art, my heart on a page displayed for strangers who don’t even know my name. I don’t know who I thought I’d be by now. Is this it? Am I it? My awakenings and discoveries both thrill and embarrass me.I’m not sure I’m allowed to be this person… Am I allowed to explore this untamed expression?  I’ll never beContinue reading “Messy Artistry”

Poetry Orgasm – Adult

Dear writers & poets… please keep writing 😉 Fuck! Oh my god! I want it daily Come here and place your Phrases on me Baby Yes! O, Yes! I’ll read them with my eyes But no matter how you write them I always feel them on my thighs Place them between my teeth And deep between my legs GiveContinue reading “Poetry Orgasm – Adult”

Keeping My Distance

I’ve never been the jealous typeUntil the day I met youA possessive impulse took overAnd I’m not sure what to do The green snake bite on my heart Poisons my naive mind I think the most horrible thoughtsI can’t believe I’m so unkind So, I’ll keep you at a distanceAnd I’ll stay the hell awayI’veContinue reading “Keeping My Distance”

Digital Pleasures – Adult

I was taking dirty photos for you to tease and make you sweat But as I clicked and touched myself I started to get wet I decided to take a video of my finger slipping inside But I got a little distracted and took myself for a ride Be careful when you view your phone Continue reading “Digital Pleasures – Adult”

Horacio – Adult

Horacio and his hungry fingerstake an evening stroll around my bodycausing riotous sensations Horacio and his parched tonguedrink all of me into his thirsty mouthunleashing rivers that make him smirk Horacio and his hard cockplunge deep between my spread legseliciting moans too erotic to write Picture from Pinterest

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