Come – Adult

I was taught not to be sexual. I learnt to suppress my vibrancy. I was warned not to masturbate. I was told it’s a sin and perhaps it is… but as I sit here reading her dirty words, I want to touch myself and join her in her exploration.

I want you to come home and touch me exactly how I like it. I want you kiss me where we both like it when I’m wet with desire.

I let my hand run down my shirt and slip my fingers inside the black underwear I always wear. Picture a dark corner of some bar somewhere. Pretend you are there… and rub away the ache as I chase that shattering climax.

Perhaps it’s a sin

Don’t let the devil win

Right now I don’t fucking care. My body needs that touch and I want you so much.

Come home, come home Lover… and I’ll cum on your hand, your lips, your cock.

How can this be a sin when I’m screaming God’s name with ecstatic?

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