Released Waves


Modern-day Damsel

Although I hate it,  every now and then, I just want you to be my hero. Catch me! Help me! Save me!I’m a modern-day stressed-out damsel. Liberate me from my mental pain  and all the things I can’t work through by myself. Baby, although I hate it there are times when all I want is to be rescued by you. Image found viaContinue reading “Modern-day Damsel”

Bothering the School Mums

I wonder if the school mums love youas you flash your teasing smileand tell your jokes.Would you be the highlight of their morning and afternoon?I’m sure your welcome wordsand casual swearingwould allow them to relax around you. Or I wonder if you sit there silently broodingstaring at your phone…mystery personified.Would you be the leading maninContinue reading “Bothering the School Mums”


Unfortunately His words are starting to melt my heart Beyond what they should. His well used ‘lines’, Still make me role my eyesBut unfortunately My heart flutters a little Even while I’m telling it To stay completely still. Image from Pinterest

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