Released Waves


Wild home

I am starting to cherish it, being here out on my own, following a track that leads to places unknown.I’m proud of myselfand how far I’ve travelled, There were only a few moments when I almost unravelled. Never having put myself first before, by endeavouring this solo adventure–I’m becoming my own hero. I’m digging deep,Continue reading “Wild home”

Thoughts of you

I thought of you today little Baby. Although it’s not a significant day, you were still on my mind. I will always remember you dearly, even though you were only a few cells old before you left. It’s funny that after all this time, I still wonder what you would have grown into if youContinue reading “Thoughts of you”

Reaching for daylight

I know I shouldn’t reach for you–but I do. When the darkness comes in, I look for daylightand I find it in you. Image from Pinterest

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