Released Waves


The Crushing

Trigger warning for addiction, chronic illness and trauma Hey whoever you are, what you are about to read is a confessional poem; I am struggling to process something in my person life and this is part of me doing that. The poem itself is rough and unrefined and I am sorry on your behalf forContinue reading “The Crushing”


When you wrap your hand around yourself and move it up and down enjoying that raw pleasure… do you think of me? Do you imagine I’m with you biting your ear? Because when I’m touching myself just right… I imagine you’re here. Baby come home… Lover, I’m waiting for you to return so we canContinue reading “Imagine”


There are times when my body pulses with need for you… for your fingers your tongue your determination Nothing else can satisfy the pulse I get… except feeling yours inside of me. Picture from Pexels

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